Week 2: Secrets of Your Subconscious, Emotional Transformation and Pain To Purpose

This week, we discover the secrets of our subconscious mind and how it relates to our superconscious mind, both of which are key to understanding our purpose. We then learn how to transform all of our difficult emotions into freedom and clarity, and rewire subconscious beliefs. We transmute our pain into our purpose, our traumas into triumphs, and explore both the gifts and shadows of our parents and our lineage.


Module 1 objectives are from 1 to 6, and Module 2 objectives are from 7 to 12


More Info:

  • 4: When the belief comes up, you can ask "Is the universe experiencing this?" (Example: you find your subconscious belief is "I'm stuck," then you would ask: Is the universe experiencing "I'm stuck?" The answer is no.) Our Great Self/Higher Self is who we truly are, and is the universe.


  • 8: For The Traumas, Identify The Main Emotion(s) On The Left Side Of The Feeling Scale Plus The Theme
  • Then “Flip” The Emotions And Theme Into What They Turn Into
  • For The Triumphs, Reflect And Journal About How Those Contain Clues To Your Purpose
    ■ Example: Being bullied at school
    ■ Main emotions: anger and shame, turns into purity and forgiveness
    ■ Main theme: being dishonored to being deeply honored
  • For The Triumphs, Reflect And Journal About How Those Contain Clues To Your Purpose
    ■ Note: use your internal metrics for triumphs, not just what society considers as a triumph


  • 10: For Your Parents' Gifts And Weaknesses, Realize All Of Those Are In You Too (as Hard As That May Be To Admit Sometimes),
    Own It Fully, Then “flip” The Weaknesses Into What They Turn Into As Strengths


Scale Of Emotions:

Emotional Transformation Sessions:

  • Note: 20-minute naps afterward supports our integration 🙏
  • Also, if memories come up during the session, embrace them, invite them in, breathe into them, really be fully there re-experiencing the memory and feel all your feelings that come up. The memory is coming back for a reason and is inviting you to bring your love into the experience 🙂
  • If you are experiencing painful emotions, that's a GOOD THING! Feel the pain like you'd smell a rose. That pain was trapped in your body and is now being released. This is something to celebrate.
  • If no emotions are coming up, focus on breathing deeply into your belly and chest, stay in your body and felt sense, relax, and be patient. They will come. Emotional, sacred music can help. You can even ask your heart "What emotion am I avoiding?" You will hear an answer immediately. Invite that emotion in. Breathe into it, tell it to get bigger, tell it "I love you."
  • Your breath will bring you all the way home, keep breathing deeply the entire time, your breath is your best friend


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