Week 5: Your Life Purpose + Mission and Helpful Feedback From Loved Ones

This week, we bring the last few weeks together by going on a journey and discovering our unique mission and purpose (and learning the difference between the two). We also learn how to ask for and receive feedback from our loved ones in a way where we feel safe and held in their highest vision of us.


Module 1 objectives are from 1 to 7, and Module 2 objectives are from 8 to 13


More Info:

  • When You Discover Your Purpose And Mission, Feel Free To Write It Down And Look At It Every Day, Feeling And Visualizing Yourself In The Frequency Of Your Purpose And Mission (If You Didn’t Discover Your Purpose And Mission The First Time, Do The Journey Again)
  • Your Core Virtue Is The Core Virtue That Powers Your Purpose And Mission
    • (Examples: Love, Truth, Freedom, Joy, Creativity, Awe, Compassion, etc)
    • Your Heart Knows Your Core Virtue, Simply Ask. Here Is A List Of Virtues.
  • Your Core Motivation Is What Interests You The Most Above All Else, It "Drives" You From Within
    • Examples: Understanding Something, Feeling Something, Changing Something, Inventing Something, Creating Something, Expressing Something, Experiencing Something, etc
  • Here Is The Template Message You Can Modify As You'd Like And Send To Your Loved Ones (5-10 People Is A Good Amount, They Can Be From Work Too):
    • Hey [INSERT NAME],I'm reaching out because I'd love to ask for your feedback...about me!I'm curious to learn more about how the people closest to me perceive me, so I can grow in self-awareness and as a person.I recognize that I have my blind spots and desire to see me for who I really am, my light, and my shadow.
      Below is a link to a very short, 4-question completely anonymous survey where you can share your most honest truth with me.

      If you could complete this by the end of next week that would be so helpful.

      I appreciate you and am grateful for your feedback!

      Love, [YOUR NAME]

      Survey link: [INSERT LINK]

    • Here is the personal feedback survey link for you to copy and make your own: LINK HERE

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